Puppy Prep Training Walks

We specialize in puppy rearing.

Over the past 17 years, we have helped raise over thirty puppies. We love training new puppies! With a little guidance, your pup will grow into a friendly, social dog.

We do private, one-on-one training walks with your puppy until he/she is full vaccinated and ready to join the pack for group walks.

Those first few weeks of obedience training and socialization are very important to ensure a solid foundation of good behaviors. A little extra work now will pay off over your dog’s lifetime. Your new puppy is primed for learning.  It is important you take advantage of those first few weeks. We can tailor our training toward whatever goals you have for your pup. And we are always sure to include the important stuff:  sit, down, stay, come, and drop it.  We practice all that and more on each walk.  We want to help you raise a wonderful City companion!

Twenty minute Puppy Prep training walks

5 days/week: 4 days/week: 3 days/week:
$24/day $26/day $28/day

Two Puppy Prep walks per day

5 days/week: 4 days/week: 3 days/week:
$43/day $47/day $51/day

  • We highly recommend 2 walks per day for new puppies ages 8-16 weeks.
  • We require a minimum commitment of 3 days/week to start service.
  • We do not walk dogs on most National Holidays.
  • All accounts are subject to a $325 minimum monthly charge.

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